About Us


our mission

exyBox is on a mission to empower businesses with innovative technology that allows them to save time and money by making better HVAC decisions.


our vision

We envision a world where companies use technology and data to substantially reduce the time and money spent on operating HVAC systems while optimizing performance and extending useful life.


exyBox is committed to four key values when making decisions and serving customers.



Our solutions allow you to spend less time and money on your HVAC systems while achieving better results.



We stay on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry so you don’t have to, then leverage the lessons we learn to benefit you.



We put the analytical tools used by HVAC companies in your hands.



We prepare you to make better HVAC decisions for optimized performance and longer lasting systems.

Meet Our Team

Randy Roy,

Founder and CEO

Randy Roy has been an energy industry author, speaker, thought leader, and entrepreneur for over two decades. His experiences in engineering, finance, and economics led him to ask, “How can we leverage our analysis of HVAC in a single building to benefit corporations that manage multiple buildings?” He founded exyBox to answer that question, providing an analytical tool that drives better business decisions.

Eric Feldmann,

Win-Win Manager

Eric Feldmann first recognized the need for exyBox technology while serving as the CEO of an industrial enterprise, where he experienced firsthand the pressures that businesses face to keep costs low and profits high. He is now committed to lending his expertise to businesses who are looking to minimize risks and maximize rewards when managing multiple buildings.

Reach us anytime by emailing contact@exyBox.com or via phone (800) 583-5223