More Comfort, Less Effort.

Finally, Big Data and advanced analytics solve the commercial building heating and air conditioning problem. Because everyone deserves to have a heating and air conditioning system that works well.

Why exyBox?


Increased occupant comfort


Faster response times


Reduced capital and operating expense


Better energy decision making

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how it works


Service tech installs up to 20 passive sensors and 鈥渃onnected hardware鈥� on HVAC equipment


Data flows from 鈥渃onnected hardware鈥� to cloud where algorithms convert data to Business Intelligence (BI)


Users access BI via user interface


Share critical information with all team members and multiple vendors for faster response times


Establish baseline of operations and confirm repair has been made


Better operating, maintenance and capital strategies using BI

cloud-based algorithms
Business intelligence
confirmation/ baseline


  • Comfort
  • Happier Occupants
  • Coordination
  • Equipment Life


  • Effort
  • Repair Call-backs
  • Energy Consumed
  • Carbon Footprint


Critical operating parameters of your HVAC systems

exyBox can let you know if your HVAC system is having problems before failure, provide you with empirical data on your customers' comfort and show you how to increase your profitability through reduced energy and capital costs. exyBox has a simple app that connects you to your HVAC system via the internet. View run time, money spent, amperage, temperature and humidity plus daily, weekly, or monthly analyses with a quick tap of the finger.


How HVAC systems are working

From the "boardroom to the boiler room", exyBox provides the knowledge you need to manage your systems so tenants are comfortable. Don't get caught without knowing the current health of all your HVAC systems. Reduce energy bills across your entire real estate portfolio and avoid unexpected failure and capital expense.


That impact the bottom line

Our customers鈥� HVAC systems use less energy, create more comfortable spaces and last longer. Can you envision a world where all your HVAC systems have the detailed business analytics of exyBox? The result would be substantial reductions in energy consumption, reduced capital requirements and increased efficiency of both existing and new HVAC systems. Call us today 800.583.5223

exyBox vs Other Energy Efficiency Measures


5 year payback

$120/ ton CO2 reduced

Build a new renewable power plant


2-3 year payback

$40/ton CO2 reduced

Reduce energy consumption using LED

  • Reduced maintenance
  • 鈥淏etter鈥� light

<1 year payback

$20/ton CO2 reduced

Reduce energy consumption w/advanced HVAC analytics

  • More comfort
  • Better health
  • Lower capex costs

exyBox vs. Traditional Approach

logo-color Controls & BMS
Cyber-secure Vulnerable to cyber attack
Simple C-Suite Data 鈥� no upkeep Complex 鈥� expert staff, high upkeep
No need for additional controls More controls required
Inexpensive (no Capex) Expensive (Capex)
Open architecture w/ plug-in, plug out capability Closed architecture / locked into specific vendors
Expandable Expandable
One solution for all buildings Engineered building by building
Analytics continuously updated 鈥� no charge Updates often require purchase / more training
Portable Non-portable

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